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Paulownia substrate

Paulownia substrate

Paulownia substrate
Price: $ 10-200 / piece
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Place of Origin: China,Linyi
Model Type:
min order: 500 pieces
Contact BO YAO: whatsapp:+8613805490240
packing for container: 23 CBM for 20FCL
Paulownia substrate: 12 core board, 13 core board, 14 core board, 15 core board.

Size: 5 -18 centimeter

The main advantages of paulownia ecological board:

1. Paulownia ecological board is paint-free ecological board;

2, easy to use, cost-effective, cost saving;

3, paulownia ecological board environmental protection, can achieve environmental protection E1 level, E0 level.

4. Paulownia ecological board is of high grade, in line with the trend of the market, and can meet consumers' pursuit of decoration grade;

5. Paulownia ecological board has good nail holding power and can be repeatedly assembled and used.